Hurricane 500EL High-Volume Vacuum System

High Volume Vacuum Rental

Delivered to your Worksite with Experienced Operator

This 100 HP John Deere diesel drives a 1800 cfm blower capable of 24” of mercury. The 500EL only weighs 9,000 lbs and can easily be towed with a ¾ ton or 1-ton truck.

Great Choice for Vacuuming:

  • Roof Ballast
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Blasting Material
  • Pea Gravel


Hurricane 500EL Spec Sheet (pdf)
Our equipment can be delivered to any job site along with vacuum hoses and other accessories

Our high-volume trailer mounted vacuum system is ideal for use in factories, warehouses, processing facilities, industrial buildings, factories, etc. Our equipment can collect almost any type of debris, including "river rock" size stones used as ballast for roof work. The system incorporates an elevated dump system that can deposit vacuumed material into a truck, dumpster or similar container.