Ceiling Construction Barrier

Construction Wall Barrier Services

Our Barriers, partition walls, temporary enclosures, & curtains keep the rest of your operation free from dust & debris.

Temporary Walls are an important part of any interior protection project as they keep dust & debris from contaminating the workplace, while renovations are underway. They also provide protection to expensive equipment/products and keep them free from contamination.

Temporary Walls are created by installing poly film from the ceiling to the floor. This isolates the area under construction. It protects the remaining workspace from dust & debris.  In addition to providing Temporary Walls, we also provide small or large doorway covers so that people can enter or exit the work area

Typical uses for Temporary enclosures for construction/construction dust barriers:

  • re-flooring projects
  • sandblasting
  • concrete cutting
  • remodeling
  • installation of new equipment
  • tenant improvements
  • restoration and reparation

Construction Barrier Services and Products

Construction wall barriers can be specialized to meet your specific project requirements, including doorways, tunnels, air filters and any other custom request. Convenient access doors, decontamination rooms with sticky mats and air scrubbing or filtration equipment can be provided based on the individual requirements of your project.

Plastic Construction Barriers