Lead Paint Removal Lighthouse

Lead paint was removed from the Devils Island Lighthouse located on Lake Superior (Built in 1894). MEI workers actually lived on the island for many weeks without electricity or running water during the restoration.

Historic Site Restoration Fort Point

MEI removed lead-based paint from the historic Fort Point, located directly under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Fort Point was built between 1853 and 1861 as part of a defense system for San Francisco Bay.

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse


MEC performed lead abatement at Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, San Simeon, California, built in 1874.

MEI has had the privilege to work on many sites considered national treasures throughout the US. Projects include lead-based paint removal on irreplaceable building components and asbestos removal from sensitive areas such as: a beach house built for the Hollywood actress Marion Davies by the late William Randolph Hearst; the Devils Island Light House on Lake Superior; the famous Fort Point that sets below the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; and many more famous national landmarks.

Historical Palm Tree Marion Davies Beach House

Hurst Mansion

Marion Davies Beach House – Built By Randolph Hurst

MEI performed lead and asbestos abatement for the City of Santa Monica on the Marion Davies Beach House build by William Randolph Hurst on Santa Monica Beach in California.