Where is asbestos in a home

Asbestos Insulation Testing

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was incorporated into many building products. Asbestos containing building materials can be found in many homes and buildings around the world; especially if the structure was built prior to 1981.

Asbestos has a unique heat resistant quality which allows for its binding strength. It is used as pipe insulation in thousands of buildings. It was even introduced into roofing material and has also been used in flooring, window glazing, drywall, plaster, and caulk.

The best way to know if your home, business, or other commercial building has asbestos is to have it tested. Let MEI sample and analyze your construction material with one of our qualified professionals. We will take precautions to ensure that fibers are not released during our asbestos testing processes. All samples will be professionally obtained and analyzed. Contact us now at 419-382-9200